Ease of Use
Ease of Use

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Airtable Review

In a nutshell

Airtable combines the best aspects of a database with a spreadsheet for maximum usability and functionality. This integrated project management system can be used by individuals and teams, on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. Airtable makes it easy to organize events, projects, work, vacations, and general collaborations between people. Customizable views, multiple attachments, links, checkboxes, barcodes, and long text notes can easily be added. Users can instantly configure Airtable to preferences with a range of features designed for intelligent data entry.

Airtable can be integrated with multiple cloud-based apps, allowing for quick and easy database creation. A range of templates allows users to fast-track activities, based on category requirements. Airtable makes it easy to kickstart projects with a template library, project management options, marketing initiatives, and flexible options for creative teams.

During our research on Project management tools, we’ve identified five key criteria for you to consider when choosing a Project management tool: 1. Customization capabilities 2. Core task-related features 3. Updated to evolving needs 4. Popular 3rd party integrations 5. Ease of use.

Our reviews will examine each project management tool by how well it delivers on these five criteria.

How Airtable meets the 5 criteria?

1. Customizable Capabilities

Airtable blends aspects of spreadsheets and databases into a compact and powerful project management system. The Airtable tools and resources can be accessed anywhere, at any time, with desktop apps and mobile apps. Team members can share, edit, and add content online and everything is automatically synced in real-time. Airtable customization includes unique field options for each specific type of content, some examples are single-line text, attachments, currency options, checkboxes, dates, long text, barcodes, links to additional content, and integrations with 1000+ apps.

The personalized nature of Airtable content means that it can be tailored to specs on any given topic. Beyond the typical grid-like view, team members can adjust views to their preferences. Other options include a Calendar view, a gallery view, and the popular Kanban view. Each configuration has its own merits based on the type of project you are creating. Other customization elements include a grouping of content, filtering of content, and sorting of content. Airtable maximizes the use of color, text, and images in projects. The link-related content options also make it easy to craft ‘smart relationships’ between similar elements in each project.

2. Core Task-Related Features

Updated & Synced in Real Time

The Airtable product builds on the strengths of spreadsheets and databases and tries to blend them into something that takes the best from both worlds. The result is a hybrid system with powerful features. For example, the anytime, anywhere accessibility options allow users to instantly update content and sync accordingly. Global teams can easily collaborate on the same page, at the same time, like a google spreadsheet.

‘Bye-Bye’ Grid

Airtable offers multiple formats to make it easy to perform task-related functions. 4 unique views are available, including the traditional Grid view, the Kanban view, the Calendar view, and the Gallery view. Each option has its merits. The grid view features columns and rows, checkboxes, dates, and priority status elements. Users can attach multimedia content like photos, videos, or files, completion dates, priority tasks, and key contact people in the project. The calendar view gives a broader month-long perspective of the project, with tasks and activities posted to specific dates on the calendar.

The gallery view makes use of thumbnail-sized images, headers, subcategories, and keywords to highlight important project-based elements. The gallery view presents the content in a neat, visual format with minimal text. Project managers in favor of the Kanban view get to see high priority, medium priority, and low priority tasks listed in columns. Users can easily ascertain whether projects have been completed by the respective deadline. Additional records can be accessed through the Airtable system with the Kanban view.

Customized Fields

Airtable fields are designed for any type of content your project requires. It is possible to personalize according to expectations, with attachments, single line text options, symbols, checkboxes, links to records, multiple selections, dates, long text, and beyond. These customization options make it easy to set up projects based on specific inputs, and to cater to a wide range of use cases.

Linking Capabilities

Airtable attempts to help de-duplicate entries, a common problem, with“intelligent link building”. With a few clicks, associations can be made between elements. Links between tables, records, tasks, and other project-related elements can make it easier to understand the relationships between them and prevent duplications.

3. Developed and Updated to Evolving Needs

Airtable, like other top-quality project management tools, updates in real-time. The desktop and native mobile apps are available for Mac operating systems (Mac OS 10.10+), Windows operating systems (Windows 7 +64-bit), iOS (iOS 8 for iPads and iPhones), and Android (Android 5.0+). The apps ensure tea, synchronization, agnostic of device or location. The software is designed to put users in charge of projects, and not vice versa. There are multiple personalized elements in place to ensure that all-important elements are included in every project. 

4. Applications and Integrations

Users can automate their work activities with Airtable by connecting many popular applications with the system. These integrations make it easy to transfer information between apps and Airtable. Thanks to an API, users can connect Airtable to 1000+ apps and websites. It’s possible to connect to, Integromat, Workato, and Zapier. Dozens of popular apps can be connected, including Slack, Meetup, Facebook, Dropbox, Asana, Tumblr, Twitter, Google Drive, LinkedIn, Gmail, Pocket, SMS, Basecamp, Zendesk, and WordPress, among others.

5. Ease-Of-Use

Airtable puts the user in charge of project management. Whether you are setting up an invoicing system, college project, a food business, corporate operations, customer management systems, or a vacation, this software helps your team execute faster. It is designed to be user-friendly, and for the most part, it succeeds. You don’t need to be innately familiar with spreadsheets and databases since the quick-click functionality makes it easy to get set up. A basic understanding of spreadsheets, coupled with the power of a database brings this to life. Rows, columns, attachments, filters, and various other fields can easily be added for ease of use. Different view formats make it easy to track the progress of projects, evaluate which tasks have been completed, and gauge what’s left to do. The PC, Mac, and mobile integrations of Airtable are synchronized for your benefit.

Plans and Pricing

Airtable is surprisingly affordable compared to many of the high-end systems currently available. There are 4 unique plans available with annual payment options or monthly payment options. These include the following:

Free Plan

The Free Plan offers unlimited bases with 1200 records per base and a maximum attachment size of 2 GB per base. Users get to enjoy 2 weeks of revision and snapshot history. Various essentials are included with the plan, including different formats, all the applications, and real-time collaboration. The self-service knowledge base is provided, in addition to email support.

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan is billed at $10 per user per month. There are unlimited bases, 5000 records per base, and up to 5 GB of attachment space per base. Users will have up to 6 months’ worth of revision and snapshot history. All the essential elements of the Airtable options are provided, in addition to email and self-service knowledge base support.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is billed at $20 per user per month. There are unlimited bases, and up to 50,000 records per base. Users can attach up to 20 GB with this plan. You can also revise content and view snapshot history for up to 1 year. All the features of the free plan and the plus plan are provided in addition to many other advanced features such as blocks, color and styling options, advanced calendar features, custom branded forms, early access to new features, password/domain restricted shares, and personal/locked views. Multiple support options are provided, including priority support responses.

The Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan offers maximum business value, with unlimited options for bases, substantial records per base, and 1000 GB of attachment space per base. Businesses also have 3 years of provision and snapshot history. Many additional features are provided with the enterprise-level solution, including maximum admin control, security features, and service.

Customer Service and Support

The Help Center serves as a 1-stop resource for Airtable users. It is easy to search for the help center for answers to a host of questions. For example, you can join discussion panels and community forums, watch the getting started the video, or register for a live webinar. Assistance is offered across multiple categories including using Airtable, an overview of the platform, assistance with the different applications, billing options, and account settings. The company also features a social media presence on Twitter where users can follow the latest news, updates, and join in discussions. The customer service teams are professional, courteous, and responsive in all their dealings with users. It would have been nice if they had a live chat option, or telephone support to have direct access to a team member.


“We save a lot of time and headaches by having a holistic project management model: storing all of our content, knowing what needs to be updated or what needs to be localized.”

ulien Clement, Principal Program Strategist at
  • Lots of flexibility with view formats
  • Seamless collaboration on spreadsheets and databases
  • Over 1000 integration options from third-party cloud storage
  • Easy-to-use apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Easy file sharing in real-time with team members globally
  • Customer service options limited
  • The setup process can be time-consuming
  • Can be somewhat overwhelming for new users

Bottom Line

Airtable combines spreadsheet functionality with database management for an effective, efficient, and user-friendly work management platform. It’s a functional platform that helps get the job done. It’s got some great features and a wide set of 3rd party integrations. If your business requires collaboration between team members, Airtable is an effective way to manage tasks and get more done.