Ease of Use
Ease of Use

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FunctionFox Review

In a Nutshell

FunctionFox is an online project management resource geared toward creative professionals. It is designed for improved workflow with the ability to manage multiple projects in a timely and efficient manner. With FunctionFox, project managers can compare budgets, schedule meetings, manage project milestones, connect to real-time data using interactive charting features, and enjoy a customized dashboard with feature-rich functionality. FunctionFox offers a streamlined solution to project management. As a valuable extension for SMEs, FunctionFox offers Classic, Premier, and In-House solutions to project management.

During our research on Project management tools, we’ve identified five key criteria for you to consider when choosing a Project management tool: 1. Customization capabilities 2. Core task-related features 3. Updated to evolving needs 4. Popular 3rd party integrations 5. Ease of use. 

Our reviews will examine each project management tool by how well it delivers on these five criteria.

How FunctionFox Meets the 5 Criteria?

1. Customizable capabilities – Feature-Rich Functionality

funFunctionFox features 3 account options, including Classic, Premier, and In-House. From a general perspective, it is possible to customize the project management features across all account types, including project status and custom status options. Project managers can also create and save custom reports, for time tracking and reporting purposes on In-House plans, with custom fields to capture project details available across all plan types.

Unlimited project management request forms for outside departments are available on the In-House option project management option too. FunctionFox allows users to customize features by clicking on the gears icon under My Preferences. This facilitates greater personalization of multiple elements including Home Tabs, Default Landing Page, Timesheets, Alerts, Project Sequencing, Custom Fields and the like.

2. Core Features and Functionality

FunctionFox allows users to set up tasks and related features by navigating to the Projects à Tasks panel. Time management is an important feature of FunctionFox, and it is designed to monitor the progress of ongoing projects vis-a-vis cost considerations. Various client-specific tasks and rates can also be input, for individual clients, or groups of clients. Project-specific tasks and rates can be modified according to the needs of specific projects, and the time necessary to complete these tasks. Other task-related features include the ability to add additional tasks to an existing project or to copy tasks between projects.

Workable Assignments and Real-Time Insights

Among others, FunctionFox provides deep insights into project resource management. Thanks to updated info on all aspects of team member performance, valuable insights can be gleaned from project workflows. The reporting capabilities of FunctionFox are such that instant updates are available with precisely the right amount of information needed to effectively manage a project. A unique task-related feature known as a Workable Assignment List facilitates a smooth way to manage team members to tackle pressing issues in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Collaborative Workspaces

FunctionFox also provides Collaborative Workspaces, to enable project members to communicate with one another, seamlessly sharing emails, files, folders, and chat. Other feature-rich elements include custom fields, integrated address books for contacts, budgeting options with time & expense tracking, admin controls, calendars, alerts, and mobile applications for Android and iOS. Managing due dates is easily done, and team members can check on the status of individual projects to ensure that everything stays on track.

3. Developed and updated to evolving needs

FunctionFox is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. No hardware is needed to get started and this powerful project management software can easily be updated at any time. Constant backup is provided for smooth functionality at all times. By focusing on simplicity, FunctionFox ensures user-friendliness. This cross-platform project management resource kit works on PC, Mac, and mobile devices. It is operational across multiple browsers including Edge, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. The mobile apps ensure that FunctionFox can be accessed on the go, with many useful elements such as Invoicing and Flink document exchange for Android and iOS devices (iPod Touch iOS 10.0+, iPad, and Apple iPhone). The mobile apps allow for project management on-the-go, with to-do lists, add-ons, and powerful project management features.

4. Applications and integrations

FunctionFox applications and integrations are readily available on mobile devices. These include the FunctionFox Mobile Access option for project blogs and to-do lists, the FunctionFox iPhone & iPad App, the FunctionFox Android App, Invoicing within FunctionFox, and Flink for easy-to-use File Exchange. These applications and integrations are ideal for project time management. Users can maintain logs of team members, track billable/non-billable hours, and manage project tasks and activities with a stopwatch timer. The iOS app is 13.5 MB to download and requires iOS 9.3+ on all iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone devices. The primary function of these apps and integrations is time tracking. This project management software is ideal for work management with multiple clients and allows for easy switching between different projects, tasks, and responsibilities.

5. Ease-of-use

FunctionFox has opted for a user-friendly platform in its design and functionality. As a business customer, you can easily use this time tracking software on your PC, Mac, or mobile device at your leisure. An intuitive stopwatch timer and simple design make this one of the easiest project management tools to use. Whether you’re a freelancer, SME, or consultant, FunctionFox offers many useful features such as emailing tasks, create unlimited projects, and add unlimited numbers of clients, and overall easy-to-use functionality. If ever any issues crop up, customer support is standing by for quick resolution.

Plans and pricing

There are 3 types of plans available to users at FunctionFox. These include the Classic Plan, the Premier Plan, and the in-House Plan.

Classic Plan –The Classic Plan costs $5 per month per user, and is geared towards project tracking and timesheets, with the following features available:

  • Estimate and budget tracking
  • Unlimited clients and projects
  • Timesheet and stopwatch timer
  • Comprehensive reports and retainer tracking

Premier Plan – The Premier Plan costs $10 per user per month, and is ideal for advanced project management, with the following features available:

  • All features of the Classic Plan
  • A blog for internal communications
  • Actionable to-do lists with classic features
  • Availability and traffic reports with schedules and Gantt charts

In-House Plan – The In-House Plan is targeted at creative teams. It costs $20 per month per user, with the following available features:

  • Advanced report builder
  • Unlimited custom job fields
  • Customized job intake forms
  • Email alerts for new requests
  • All features of Classic + Premier Plans

Customer service and support

Users can get in touch with customer service representatives via email (, telephone (Australia, UK, North America, or international 1. 866. 369. 8463), or fax. The FunctionFox headquarters are located in Victoria, Canada, and the offices are available between the hours of 7 AM to 4 PM Pacific time, Monday through Friday. Customers can request a demo from the expert consultants, or contact the sales team for immediate assistance from sales associates. Other contact options include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Prompt, professional, and polite responses are assured.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Modern user-interface
  • Professional customer support
  • Great for advertising companies
  • Assign tasks to individual employees
  • System updates instantly at no extra cost
  • Great time management software resource
  • Some issues with billing software integration

Bottom Line

FunctionFox project management software offers a user-friendly solution for tasks, duties, and project-management elements. There are 3 affordable plan options available to teams, with on-the-go functionality provided courtesy of the Android and iOS applications and integrations. This project management tool boasts a user-friendly interface with easy collaboration options.