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Criteria For Selecting a Project management tool

During our research on Project management tools, we’ve identified five key criteria for you to consider when choosing a Project management/team collaboration tool:

  1. Is the tool customizable? Is it flexible and adapts to your team’s specific needs?
  2. Does the tool contain all the core features of tasks, timeline management, tracking, and cross-device collaboration?
  3. Is the tool continuously being developed and updated to evolving needs?
  4. Does it have integrations to other popular tools you may use?
  5. Does it have a modern, Intuitive and easy-to-use UX? To foster adoption within team members, people need to like using it.

With the rise of the digital economy and the agile methodology becoming more prevalent in many types of organizations, workers at all levels manage more tasks and micro-tasks. In order to effectively manage workflows with co-workers, agencies, freelancers and so forth, requires everyone to be on the same page – and the need for workflow efficiency dramatically rises.

This is where an effective, online, easy-to-use project collaboration tool is desperately needed.

It is estimated that around 90% of high-performing teams use a project management software of some sort. This allows them to save important time & resources. A good project management solution will connect people to workplace processes, enable transparency and collaboration, and generally improve output for companies of all sizes and industries.

While the importance of a work collaboration tool cannot be underestimated, selecting the right tool for your team is no less important. To make an effective choice, we’ve compiled the 5 criteria above to help you decide, as well as put together detailed reviews and comparisons of the leading tools in the market. is here to guide you through finding a solid project management solution: check our Comparison Page for the Top 10 management tools, and the reviews of the top tools in our reviews main page.

Happy choosing, and good luck getting more done with the right tool, far more!