Ease of Use
Ease of Use

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HubSpot Review

In a Nutshell

HubSpot offers users a powerful productivity tool embedded within the HubSpot software. The project category lists all tasks, projects, and a variety of templates for planning, creating, and developing a variety of marketing projects. The HubSpot project management software serves as a one-stop-shop for all communication, multimedia files, and information dissemination, with no need for additional logins to third-party resources. This reduces time spent on notetaking, email and document sorting, et al. Whether you are establishing teams for marketing campaigns, newsletter development, or managing seminars and webinars, the HubSpot software and associated tools serve as a powerful project management platform with repeatable processing of marketing-related matters.

During our research on Project management tools, we’ve identified five key criteria for you to consider when choosing a Project management tool:
1. Customization capabilities
2. Core task-related features
3. Updated to evolving
4. Popular 3rd party integrations
5. Ease of use. 

Our reviews will examine each project management tool by how well it delivers on these five criteria.

How HubSpot meets the 5 criteria?

1. Customizable capabilities

The HubSpot projects tool has multiple applications, including the following: planning, leading, organizing, and controlling all of the team’s functions from one place courtesy of a structured set of tasks and activities. The projects tool has multi-pronged capabilities, notably assigning tasks to team members, planning and preparing campaigns, and monitoring the control process by ensuring the timely completion of deliverables. To access the projects tool, users need to navigate to the marketing component of their account, select planning and strategy, and then click on projects. The customization options are wide-ranging and include all tasks, all projects, and project templates. You can assign projects to individuals, or groups, monitor the status of all projects, and check that everything is on time for delivery.

The all projects tab lists currently worked on projects. These have been established via the project templates. Team management can easily set up a new project according to unique criteria by clicking on create project, choosing a due date, adding a description, and attaching an asset (landing page, website, blog post, email, or other resource), and creating a template for the project. Tasks can easily be assigned to team members by using the assignee menu. Once again, resources can be allocated to individual users, task can be deleted, comments can be added, and task notes can easily be input. There are 3 unique types of project templates available for HubSpot users, including shareable templates across multiple accounts, personal templates, and global templates for any HubSpot user.

2. Core Features and Functionality

With HubSpot’s projects tool, it’s easy to manage projects. The existing HubSpot software facilitates quick and easy management of all communication, including tasks and files. Teamwork gets a big boost from the HubSpot software, since every task can have owners assigned, due dates set, and multimedia files attached. HubSpot features site pages and blog posts, or projects which can also be converted into templates, for repeatable processing and marketing -related matters.

Ready-made to-do lists are pre-populated, and easy to navigate. HubSpot users don’t need to worry about sourcing software elsewhere; it’s already provided. As a fully inclusive marketing software resource, many functions are possible including CTAs, CMS, social media monitoring, SEO, marketing automation, lead management, analytics, LPs, blogging, and email functions. HubSpot eliminates the need for navigating out; all marketing activity can be completed with the HubSpot project tools.

3. Developed and updated to evolving needs

HubSpot was initially created for marketing purposes. Now it is also used across sales divisions. These iterations over time have created a powerful project tool ideal for landing pages, emails, marketing automation and a wide range of client management support. All of these updates and innovations have made HubSpot ideal for quick and easy publishing, frictionless distribution of data, small team management, competitive analysis, in-depth analytics, effective email campaign marketing, reports, relationship management, deal management, data analytics, sales KPIs, superb training materials for onboarding and much more.

Since HubSpot’s development teams already operate on the cutting edge, this projects tool is a powerful resource for scaling business activities, enhancing the customer experience, generating leads, expediting sales, landing page creation, and more. If you’re working with a team, it’s important to have powerful project management software to ensure that everybody is on the same page, ready to deliver by the due date.

4. Applications and integrations

With HubSpot, team members must be signed up and logged into their accounts to use all of the features provided by this project management software. You can simply navigate to the marketing tab à planning and strategy à projects. Several different plan options are available to access all of the applications and integrations. Complimentary plans and premium plans are supported. Various software integrations are possible, including the following popular apps: Gmail, Outlook, Zapier, Abby Connect, Autobound, Facebook Messenger, Design Wizard, CallPage, QuickSilk, Zoom, StoryChief, Backup and Restore, Proposify, Leadspace, AskNicely, and Facebook Ads, among others. Some of these popular apps are free, and others are available at a monthly premium. Fortunately, – It’s easy to see apps and integrations for a wide range of options such as marketing, sales, customer success, start-ups, agencies, and even proprietary HubSpot apps too. Other project management software that can be fully integrated with HubSpot includes Asana, Zoho Reports, WordPress, MailChimp, Paymo, ClickUp, Teamweek, and Wrike. All in all, there are hundreds of integrations available for project management purposes.

5. Ease-of-use

Project management tools like HubSpot are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Management and team members don’t need to have any prior experience with project management software, apps and integrations, or communication multimedia expertise to get started. Since everything is available at HubSpot, users don’t need to navigate out to search for tools, and to pull files, folders, and resources from elsewhere.

Plans and pricing

HubSpot plans are available across three broad categories, namely: Starter Plan, Professional Plan, and the Enterprise Plan. However, team members can start using HubSpot for free, with live chat, reporting dashboards, ad management, forms, and email marketing features.

Starter Plan – Starts at $50 per month, and includes options to capture and convert leads, understand the leads, and engage the leads.

Professional Plan – starts at $800 per month with up to 1000 contacts, with options to automate and personalize marketing, get found online, optimize conversion rates, and measure revenue.

Enterprise Plan – starts at $3200 per month and includes 10,000 contacts. Features include managing teams and brands, extending the platform, and analyzing with full control.

Customer service and support

HubSpot users can get in touch with customer service representatives in several ways, including the dedicated telephone number (+1-877-929-0687), with a list of global numbers readily available too. The company is headquartered in Cambridge Massachusetts, with the following telephone number +1888 HubSpot, and fax number +16178125820. Offices are also available in Portsmouth New Hampshire, Dublin Ireland, Singapore Asia-Pacific, Sydney Australia, Tokyo Japan, Berlin Germany, Bogota Colombia, Paris France, and more options available. Dedicated customer support representatives are available throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. HubSpot also boasts a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and ThinkGrowth. Multiple languages are fully supported including French, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and English. The support reps are knowledgeable and helpful vis-a-vis their project management software.

  • The CRM is free to use with unlimited users
  • Excellent customer support with a strong global presence
  • HubSpot offers a powerful pre-populated project template
  • Hundreds of apps and integrations are supported by HubSpot
  • Dynamic, intuitive, and cutting-edge technology with useful features
  • All in one solution for project management tasks, activities, and responsibilities
  • HubSpot’s database is identical to the marketing platform with no integrations required
  • Teams can easily convert any project into a template – allowing for repeatable processes
  • HubSpot hasn’t been in the project management domain for very long
  • HubSpot is certainly not as flexible as other project management software
  • HubSpot isn’t necessarily the first choice for enterprise-level project management, sales, and marketing activity.

Bottom Line

HubSpot is an all-encompassing project management tool with wide-ranging possibilities for team management. It features some excellent customer support options and certainly presents as a much more efficient way to manage projects when compared to other products. You don’t need to navigate out to maximize your use of tools and resources. The learning curve is also much shorter with HubSpot and you don’t need any experience working with project management systems to become proficient with HubSpot. There is greater efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity with HubSpot over many similar resources.