Ease of Use
Ease of Use

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Proggio Review

In a Nutshell was created by co-founders Barak Schiby and Yaniv Shor as a result of their frustrations with the then-existing team management tools. They put together a project management system that aims to put a focus on people, not tasks. Proggio draws inspiration from the iconic Milan to San Remo race in Italy, and it prides itself in team spirit. 

Proggio’s product approach is geared towards greater clarity, cohesiveness, and ease-of-use. Proggio planning mirrors whiteboard sketching, with clear workstreams, dates, project mapping, and assignments. From concept to execution, Proggio allows for greater clarity, with full Jira integration.

During our research on Project management tools, we’ve identified five key criteria for you to consider when choosing a Project management tool:
1. Customization capabilities
2. Core task-related features
3. Updated to evolving
4. Popular 3rd party integrations
5. Ease of use. 

Our reviews will examine each project management tool by how well it delivers on these five criteria.

How Proggio meets the 5 criteria?

1. Customizable capabilities- improve time and performance efficiency

Proggio provides a whiteboard-style layout with workstreams, a calendar, and a full listing of team members assigned to specific tasks and duties. This visual project management workstation is easily customized according to task, project, division, or department, and can be fully integrated to reflect the overall objectives of the company.

The project manager can assign key personnel to specific departments, monitor their progress by way of deadlines and color-coded status updates. The visual elements make it much easier to quickly ascertain the status of projects, allocate additional resources if required, and monitor projects accordingly. The project mapping capabilities are detailed, and include the ability to add or remove tasks, assignments, and activities, track individual or group progress, evaluate the planned versus the actual performance, and assign resources where required. Project managers can easily message team members, prioritize events, or add additional elements as needed.

Proggio offers a board view and a listview. The board view presents the project manager and team members with a grid-like format with different phases of the project listed, with columns and team members, dates, and the current status of the project. The list view list each team member by name, the project they are working on, and the current status of the project. Dates are allocated for each team member to make it easy for the task manager to evaluate the overall performance of the team.

2. Core task-related features

Sleek User Interface

A grid-like format characterizes Proggio, with rows and columns for easy planning, dynamic interactions, and productive outputs. The creators have likened the system to sketching on a whiteboard, and our users concur. It is minimalist, yet detailed enough to incorporate all of the most important task management elements in one place.

Effective Management of Team Members and Tasks

Team management and project management tasks are accomplished by way of the Proggio resource center. The project mapping capabilities of the Whiteboard allow for easy listing of workstreams, scheduling, project deadlines, and overall management. Management and

team members can take screenshots of the projects, navigate to the day’s activities, or zoom into the full project. Various other integrations are included to make it easy to multitask and meet project deadlines.

Instant Clarity on Projects

Once you’ve set up your project portfolio, it can instantly be updated and is fairly intuitive. You can simply glance at project parts to see how far ahead of schedule it is, or how far behind it may be. Percentage completion clocks are included, making it easy to assess. 

Proggio has timelines for the expected completion of specific and associated tasks. The project manager can easily gauge the overall direction of a project based on its components. The options to take screenshots of specific project components, or the full project, navigate to the day’s activities, and add messages accordingly – all come in handy.

3. Developed and updated to evolving needs

Proggio uses advanced web technology to create a tool with an effective planning overview and an attractive user interface. It allows for team engagement which is updated according to real-time requirements. It can be used across multiple departments simultaneously, with an overarching focus on the strategic objectives of the company.

Reporting systems allow for real-time monitoring and feedback, making it more agile than traditional software. Coordination, immersion, and participation are encouraged by this system. As your company’s needs evolve, these can probably be incorporated into the system. Mobile functionality on iOS and Android devices means that you don’t have to be in the office to coordinate with other team members, make snap decisions, or suddenly change focus wherever you are. As a result, Proggio serves different team scenarios – within the office and remote teams.

4. Applications and integrations

Full Jira integration means that companies don’t need to make accommodations for software silos since everything is integrated into one system. Jira Software is a powerful management tool designed for agile teams. It features roadmaps, scrum boards, Kanban boards, and agile reporting functionality. These include things like sprint reports, version reports, velocity charts, burnup charts et cetera. There are many other integration options available, including G-Suite Drive, G-Suite calendar, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook.

The development tools with Jira for example also includes a mechanism which syncs with the system to ‘Listen’ to changes taking place through Proggio planning. Direct API makes it easy for programmable read and write access to the database. This contains pushing data into the database, pulling data from the database, and full authentication functionality. All in all, there are hundreds of applications possible with Zapier. Proggio’s integration with Zapier allows for full integration with Asana, Trello, ERP, and Salesforce.

5. Ease-of-use

Proggio is certainly not the most easy-to-use project management system on the market, we would say it’s somewhere in the middle among the top tools. Jira integration is a big plus. Users get to focus on tasks and teamwork, and it’s easy to see how the plan dovetails with the actual project. Various barometers are available to assess the efficiency of the workflow, including time management budget constraints, resource allocation and more. Everything is presented under the same tab – this makes it comfortable and convenient for project managers and team members.

Plans and pricing

Plans and pricing vary according to individual user requirements. It should be noted that it is free to start using Proggio, and if you make annual payments, there is a 30% discount. Monthly payment options are also available. For a starter with 1 project, it is free to use Proggio and it supports up to 3 users. Other features include email support and instant upgrades. A small business owner benefits from a low monthly subscription of $69 (applicable to annual payments) and supports up to 5 projects. This 15-user license costs approximately $4.60 per user per month. Project managers can add up to 10 projects and 10 users for $49. You can scale accordingly.

The enterprise-level subscription is best for 20 projects or more. This 40-user license offers enterprise-level security features and comes with a free trial. You will have to contact Proggio’s sales team directly for more information on the enterprise-level subscription. There are some notable differences between plans. For example, the starter plan supports patented project maps, task management, baseline versus actual performance, budget planning, and project portfolio management. The small business plan features all the same elements as a starter option, with more projects, more users, resource management, patented analytics, project links, in-app support, and a setup session with an expert.

The enterprise-level solution expands the number of projects to 20, the number of users to 40, and offers multiple integrations, multi-team portfolio management, API server access, SSO and MFA, enterprise SLA, database high availability, and 7 days database rollback.

Customer service and support

Our project manager reviewing the tool decided to put Proggio’s customer service and support to the test. We heard good things about them, so we reached out to them by clicking on the contact us section on the footer of the page. To begin, you need to enter your name, email on the subject and message. 

Once you click the send button, the message gets transmitted to the customer service team. They got back to us within 24 hours. We were satisfied with the quality of their response, and we followed up with additional questions via email at

Unfortunately, there is no live chat, and we couldn’t access a telephone number. On the plus side, you can purchase the patented approach to project management book by Yaniv Shor (co-founder), or check out the FAQs which do an adequate job of providing information to customers.


“Proggio provides such clear visuals and this is what originally attracted me. It is a tool that keeps the entire team coordinated and engaged.”

Yaron Pereg, CEO at
  • Free version available 
  • Lightweight project management software 
  • User-friendly project management system
  • Full integration with Jira, Google, and Zapier
  • Makes projects as easy to manage as whiteboards
  • Gauge differences between planned projects and actual project results
  • Portfolio view makes it easy to manage entire projects under the same tab
  • Customer support options limited 
  • Migration can be challenging at times
  • Project management tools somewhat lacking compared to other options like Monday

Bottom Line

Proggio offers many benefits to project managers and team members. It’s easy to share the status of projects with all stakeholders in an organization, and communication between team members is also seamless. Team members will have no problem learning the software, since it is intuitively designed, with easy to follow functionality, color-coded elements, and an appealing visual format. Transparency, adaptability, and functionality are evident throughout. 

Working with Proggio is like working on a whiteboard. It’s easy to assign tasks, team members, and project completion dates. You can zoom in on individual days, or zoom out and view the project in perspective.