Ease of Use
Ease of Use

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In a Nutshell

Wrike is a powerful work management platform for enhancing team productivity. Founded in 2006, with headquarters in San Jose California, this multinational project management company has offices worldwide. Geared towards small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in addition to enterprise-level corporations, Wrike is considered by many to be the platform of choice for work management and business growth. 

With 20,000+ organizations and over 2 million users globally, Wrike is also a top performer, with awards from leading companies like Deloitte, Microsoft, Gartner, Forrester Research, and others. Peppered with scores of integrations and applications, features, and tools, the Wrike project management solution provides a full spread of resources to automate activity and work at scale. By 2018, Wrike reached an impressive milestone of 100 million tasks completed in the platform, including substantial growth in markets around the world.

During our extensive research in project management tools, we identified 5 core criteria for consideration when selecting a project management tool. These include the following: 1. Customization capabilities 2. Core task-related features 3. Updated to evolving needs 4. Popular third-party integrations 5. User-friendliness and ease-of-use. Our reviews analyze project management platforms in depth, to determine how they score in each of these 5 criteria.

How Meets the 5 Criteria?

1. Customizable capabilities

Wrike can be fully customized to user expectations, for professional or personal use. Team members can customize their projects with personal avatars to communicate with team members. Additional customization options are available with a choice of languages which are featured under profile settings. Plus, Wrike users can easily contribute towards the translation community. Further customization is available with daily to-do emails, task due dates, and other updated profile settings.

Users can also personalize access to news updates, receive daily agenda notices, and fully customize the dashboard to display all relevant tasks, duties, information, and data for individual projects and team members. Wrike’s activity stream filters make it easy to stay abreast of the latest project developments at any time. A powerful set of automated reports is available, including productivity metrics and request forms for configuring all aspects of project management.

Since each team is unique, Wrike provides a set of tools that can assist project managers to establish a unique platform for the workgroup. This ensures that project components, objectives, and deliverables are tailored to perfection. As an individual working on the Wrike platform, you have access to multiple themes, each of which features a unique personality. The dashboards also track tasks and activities, making it easy to follow the workflow.

Activities can be prioritized and managed in an effective way. Team members can use spaces and bookmarks for archiving information and essential projects, tailor folders for projects, and integrate activities with a wide range of tools for easy management. The calendar is particularly effective for customizing projects since it lists all relevant activities for easy tracking, scheduling, and management.

2. Core Task-related Features

Wrike provides information to project managers and team members on how to accomplish single units of work a.k.a. tasks in projects. Tasks have set deadlines and must work towards achieving the overarching objectives of the project. Wrike offers clear instructions on how to define tasks and sub-tasks with a powerful set of features to back them up.

The Wrike project management software provides a centralized point of control for the team. This allows for easy tracking of tasks and projects. By coordinating with individual team members, tasks can be managed more efficiently, for SMBs and enterprise-level organizations alike. This allows for easy knowledge sharing, including communications and documents.

User interface and dashboards

The Wrike user interface features a newly upgraded layout and design to dovetail with the modern user experience. Thanks to the functionality of the dashboard, project members can also drill down deeper into tasks, by customizing widgets and resizing columns accordingly.

Seamless navigation between multiple dashboards is easily accomplished with the Wrike project management software. Members can view the previous dashboards that were used, and the drop-down menu makes management of all aspects of project activity seamless.

Templates for new dashboards

Widgets can be created directly from the dashboard view, courtesy of multiple templates that have been provided. Users can add widgets and tasks by assignee, or by status. With enhanced flexibility and improved performance, the dashboards are better designed for rapid-pace completion of projects.

3. Developed and updated to evolving needs

Wrike operates on the cusp of technological advancement with a series of cutting-edge tools and updates to meet the needs of any evolving workforce. By facilitating all aspects of project management such as resource management, goal alignment, and setting priorities, the project management tools make it easy to collaborate with team members on the platform. With Wrike, it’s possible to engage cross-functional teams for greater effectiveness.

Further, individual projects can be enhanced by way of effective prioritization of resources and activities, to gain a competitive advantage over the opposition. Several notable tools make this happen, including calendars, dashboards, and real-time visibility of projects. Wrike also features Gantt Charts for reporting purposes, drag-and-drop functionality for time management, and access to a suite of customized, automated workflows. Viewed in perspective, these tools on the flexible user interface allow for scaling at enterprise level.

4. Applications and integrations

Applications and integrations form the bedrock of powerful project management software. Wrike is no different, and it features a set of integrations designed to manage assets, maximise reporting, clarify communication, and integrate work management functions. Among others, Wrike is fully integrated with 400+ tools, including the following: Gmail, Slack, Adobe, Tableau, Dropbox, SAML, GitHub, QuickBooks, Workday, NetSuite, Mailchimp, Marketo, Salesforce, Microsoft, Zapier, and Jira. This integration ensures that Wrike project managers do not require software silos, given that everything is available in the platform, at the click of a few buttons.

5. Ease-of-use

Many users routinely cite the user-friendly interface of Wrike as the reason for selecting this project management platform. It offers a multifaceted set of tools for personal and business users, with full customization capabilities. What’s great about this platform is that project managers and team members have full visibility over individual tasks and the overall project.

It allows for easy collaboration between team members, all over the world, by prioritizing tasks, and aligning objectives to meet overarching goals. By providing a platform that encourages remote workers to participate, Wrike certainly scores top points as an easy-to-use project management platform. Everything is geared towards increasing the efficiency of work and the speed of task completion.

Plans and pricing

There are plans for all sorts of teams, including marketing and creative teams, and service delivery teams. A free plan is available with up to 5 users. For improved functionality and performance, the Professional Plan (5, 10, 15 users) is offered at $9.80 per month per user, which includes a free trial of Wrike Proof. A Business Plan is ideal for companies with 5-200 users, and it is offered at $24.80 per month per user. This powerful work management platform is feature rich, with executive reporting and customization capabilities. The Enterprise-Level Plan features advanced capabilities for large-scale corporations. Pricing is available upon request.

Customer service and support

Getting in touch with a customer support representative at Wrike requires little effort. You can contact the telephone number for instant feedback: 877-779-7453. The customer help centre provides invaluable assistance for the community, courtesy of a comprehensive FAQ section, Wrike Videos, and interactive training sessions. The online ‘Help’ feature is a great way to chat to Wrike support agents. The knowledge base provides detailed information on a range of topics including account management, integrations, monitoring panels, account types and licenses, worldviews, tasks, spaces, projects, and folders, applications, security, et al.


  • World-class security protocols in place
  • Real-time reporting for tasks and projects
  • Plenty of plans to suit your budget and needs
  • In-depth status reports to make informed decisions
  • Fully integrated with scores of applications and integrations like Jira, Salesforce, and Zapier
  • Start-ups may not be able to afford the business services provided by Wrike
  • It takes time to master the functionality of this project management platform
  • It can be difficult to break up tasks, with too much information leading to cluttered programs
  • The number of features, functions, and integrations may be a little overwhelming for newbies

Bottom Line

Wrike is a useful platform for managing multiple projects simultaneously. The upgraded features of the dashboard allow for greater customization, rapid completion of tasks, and up-to-date project management. Gantt Charts are built into the system, making this an easy-to use project management tool. However, there is some learning that needs to take place and this requires time. Picking the right plan is a priority, but fortunately there is a 14-day free trial.